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  • Preventing/Treating Gynecomastia 2017-07-06 10:01:04 Gynecomastia is an ugly thing. You can be shredded beyond belief, but if you have puffy nipples or man-boobs your physique is going to drastically suffer. It is caused by either a buildup of estrogen or a buildup of prolactin. Estrogen related...
  • Increasing Size / Building Mass with... 2017-02-15 12:40:51 Most of us want to get BIG. We want to be the largest mofo at the local gym. The alpha male, the top dog. The man that makes the other guys jealous and the women swoon like school girls. There is an art to putting on mass. For some it is as easy...
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  • Get the Most from Your Steroid Cycle 2017-02-07 08:11:44 Let me begin by saying steroids don't work unless you do. My first cycle was 400mgs a week of Deca and 500mgs a week of Sustanon. I hardly freaking grew! That was a decent first cycle but I'll be honest... I didn't know what in the hell I was...
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Beginner Oral Steroid Cycle

Methandienone 5 mg/tab. - 200 tab. (example: Naposim®dianabol brands)

Stanozolol tab. 10 mg/tab. - 100 tab. (see category here: Stanozolol®)

As everyone is different, we didn't put this stack for sale, you can set it up easily in your card by instructions below.




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Beginner Steroid cycle is made only from oral tablets form. Goals : gain lean mass, quality. Cycle Time is 7 weeks. Split dosage of methandienone and winstrol to 2-3 usages a day after meal ( always in the same periodicity - morning, launch, dinner ). We recommend liver protection. You can improve cycle by your needs - more or less. It depends on your genetic and experience.  What results can you achieve? Well, it's really individual - muscle definition, hard muscles, good pumps and maybe even some nice lbs(kgs) up if you eat properly :)


How do I know how many of each to buy? Just calculate how many tablets and mg's you need from instrucstions below and order it from website.


Daymethandienone 5 mg/tab.stanozolol tab. 10 mg/tab.
12 tab.2 tab.
22 tab.2 tab.
32 tab.2 tab.
42 tab.2 tab.
54 tab.3 tab.
64 tab.3 tab.
74 tab.3 tab.
84 tab.3 tab.
96 tab.3 tab.
106 tab.3 tab.
116 tab.3 tab.
126 tab.3 tab.
136 tab.3 tab.
146 tab.3 tab.
156 tab.3 tab.
166 tab.3 tab.
176 tab.3 tab.
186 tab.3 tab.
196 tab.3 tab.
206 tab.3 tab.
216 tab.3 tab.
226 tab.3 tab.
236 tab.3 tab.
246 tab.3 tab.
256 tab.3 tab.
266 tab.3 tab.
276 tab.3 tab.
286 tab.3 tab.
296 tab.3 tab.
306 tab.3 tab.
316 tab.2 tab.
324 tab.2 tab.
334 tab.2 tab.
344 tab.2 tab.
354 tab.2 tab.
364 tab.2 tab.
374 tab.2 tab.
382 tab. 
392 tab. 
402 tab. 
412 tab. 
422 tab. 
432 tab. 
442 tab. 



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