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    Clenbuterol Sopharma 100 tabs [0,02mg/tab]

    – Clenbuterol

    – 100 tabs [0,02mg/tab]

    – Sopharma


    Pharmaceutical clenbuterol directly from the Sopharma Pharmaceuticals, Bugaria.


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    Fat burning. Chemical name is “Clenbuterol HCl” 20 microgram/tabIt is not a steroid hormone but it is a beta-2 symphatomimetic. ( normally use for bronchodilator or asthmatic people).It is a strong anticatabolic effect which means it decrease the rate or protien is reduced in muscle cell. Consequently causing an enlargement of muscle cell : and obtain maximum strength and muscle mass Fat – burning effect. Mean burn fat without dieting ; it will be increase body temperature 1C (good effect) Hand shaking is normally happen (tremor)

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