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Exemestane is a popular supplement that is used by the bodybuilders and athletes for avoiding estrogenic side effects. When consuming the steroids in large dosages, it gets converted into estrogen and make consumers face a number of complications, including male breast tissue growth and water retention. In order to avoid these complications, the best way is to prevent estrogen from getting created in high amounts in the first place. Making the use of a compound that inhibits the Aromatase Enzyme is a way to make sure Testosterone or other Steroids are not getting converted into estrogen. The compound that inhibits the Aromatase Enzyme from creating estrogen is called an Aromatase Inhibitor and Exemestane is one of the most popular Aromatase Inhibitors. The half-life of it is 9 hours and you can buy it from the online store You can buy Exemestane (Etadron) 25mg from this online store.