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Testosterone Propionate
At, you will find a wide range of Testosterone Propionate products. Testosterone Propionate is the shortest-estered Testosterone supplement and is much popular among the experienced steroid consumers. It is basically an injectable supplement that has a slower rate of release than the other un-esterified Testosterones. But when Testosterone Propionate is compared to the similar estered supplements, this one has a much higher rate of release than the rest of the estered compounds. It is an artificial Testosterone that is bound with the Propionate ester. Testosterone Propionate was first invented in the 1930s’, for the treatment of male androgenic deficiency. But it has a wide popularity in the field of anabolic steroidal supplements. Most of the bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and athletes prefer to use this Testosterone Propionate for maintaining their proper physique and also use as a performance enhancer supplement. Here on our website, you will find Testopin, Propa-Med Bioniche Pharmacy, Testo Prop, and many such Testosterone Propionate products.