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Anavar a perfect solution for enhancing your athletic...

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2018-07-18 05:31:05

At this present time, Anavar has become one of the popular supplements among the steroid users including sports people and ordinary people. It is the synthetic form of testosterone that improves users’ muscle growth, enhances their strength, and reduces their body fat. According to the sources, most of the beginners prefer using this supplement since it has mild side effects. Please go through the below passages to get more details about this health supplement. 

Working principle of Anavar

Well, when it comes to the matter of working principle of this product, it’s highly important to make you know about the properties that it carries. It comes with the feature of providing the users with highly anabolic and mildly androgenic effects. That’s why it is considered the great choice for those who are interested in enhancing their strength without gaining a lot of weight. Also, women who are interested in performance enhancement but don’t prefer to have accelerated hair body hair growth or other symptoms of masculinity, Anavar is the only compound they can consider consuming.

The recommended dosage for Anavar consumption

It’s really tough to recommend a dose without knowing any information about you. Depending on your experience with health supplements, your level of tolerance and your actual requirement, the doses can be decided.

Beginners should start with the lowest dosage in order to understand the level of their tolerance. As the half-life of this supplement is eight hours, a single dose per day can be taken. Individuals can take it twice per day by dividing this dose into two parts.

Usually, it can be seen that women start with 10mg dose per day. On the other hand, 20mg or 25mg/ day might be taken by a man.

Experience level

Minimum (men)

Maximum (men)

Minimum (Women)

Maximum (Women)

















This table has been made just for providing you with a guideline.  The valuable medical advice that you may get from your physician should never be replaced with this information. If the maximum dosage per day is exceeded, there is a great chance to suffer from the side effects of its consumption.

Is it safe to make the consumption of Oxandrolone?

The proper dosage of this health supplement is safe to be consumed. But, there are a number of factors that play an important role in deciding whether making the consumption of it will be safe for you or not. If you are the victim of heart complications, liver trouble, diabetes or kidney related issues, it’s suggested not to use this health supplement.

Complications that are associated with Oxandrolone consumption

Like other health supplements, consumption of Anavar comes with some side effects. These effects are mild and easy to be treated. Some side effects and method of mitigating them are discussed below.

  • Though making the consumption of it is safe for women, yet sometimes, it may make a woman face some problems such as virilization and other masculine features. In order to escape these problems, women should take a lower dosage of Oxandrolone than men and the cycle should not last more than six weeks.
  • Studies convey that the consumption of this health supplement can enhance the level of blood pressure and cholesterol. But, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it will not be a big issue to avoid these problems.
  • In order to keep the liver safe, it’s recommended to limit the cycle of this health supplement between six and eight weeks.


The effectiveness of Anavar stack

This health compound provides significant effects when combined with several other health items. For an example, making the consumption of this health supplement with testosterone is an excellent way to enhance muscle mass. But, it’s always advisable to pay your attention to the proper dosages.

You should be careful enough if you choose to consume Anavar with other oral health supplements. This combination can increase the risk of kidney and liver-related complication.













In order to achieve your required effects, the dosages should be adjusted.

Information regarding Anavar cycles

Depending on the gender of an individual, the cycles should be decided. In order to enjoy an immense level of effectiveness, men can consume it with testosterone, Deca Durabolin, or other anabolic health supplements. For men, generally, a cutting cycle lasts eight weeks.

·         Testosterone Propionate: 100mg/day

·         Anavar: 50 to 100 mg/day

·         Aromasin (aromatase inhibitor) : 10mg/day

·         HCG: 500iu twice per week

If the purpose is bulking, men can consider consuming Oxandrolone 120mg per day.

The dosage of Anavar that is used by a woman should be lesser than that of a man. Incorporation of HGH can be involved in the Oxandrolone cycle.

·         Anavar: 10mg/day for the first six weeks

·         HGH: 2iu/day for 24 weeks

 The cycle for women should last six weeks.

Post Cycle Therapy

When it comes to PCT, women just need to taper off their Oxandrolone cycle dosage. For men, it’s important to use Clomid and/or Nolvadex for the time of 4-6 weeks.

Can Oxandrolone be used for fat loss?

Yes, this health supplement can be used for fat loss. But, if the requirement is about losing a great amount of fat, consuming it is not a great option. It provides its effect in melting away subcutaneous fat from the below of the skin. Athletes who come with a low BMI and want to attain a ripped and toned look can consider consuming it.

Results that the consumption of this health supplement offers

Most individuals who are interested in consuming Anavar want to know about the benefits that the consumption of this health supplement offers. While enhancing the level of strength and stamina, this health supplement helps an individual to enhance their muscle mass. Men can gain 5 to 10 pounds of muscle in a cycle. On the other hand, women can gain 10 to 20 pounds in a cycle.

When this health supplement is used for cutting, it’s possible to reduce 5 to 10 pounds of fat in a cycle.

Key benefits of consuming Anavar

The benefits of consuming this fitness enhancer include increasing the level of strength and stamina, bringing an improvement to lean muscle gains, reducing muscle fatigue and cutting excessive body fat.

Can women use Oxandrolone without any tension?

Though the consumption of Anavar may provide some side effects, yet it’s easy to avoid the risk factors by maintaining the proper dosage and cycle length. That’s why it has become one of the most popular health supplements among women.

Where to buy this health supplement

As it’s easy, convenient and hassle-free, you can consider buying this health supplement online.

Available concentrations of Anavar

·         10mg

·         20mg

·         50mg

Factors you should check when buying Anavar online

It’s important to buy Anavar from a reliable and reputed online store. Before placing the order for the item, you should understand their shipping and return policies.

In order to acquire more information regarding this health supplement, it will be beneficial to visit other blogs and articles that are available on the internet.



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