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    Steroid Stack (Cycle) For Bulking

    Simple and very popular steroid cycle. This steroid stack ( cycle ) contains Sustanon, Deca and Dianabol as kick start. This cycle is built by most recommended substances we offer in our shop.


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    – 24x Sustanon Turkey Organon

    – 24x Deca Durabolin Organon Holland

    – 2x Methandienone ( dianabol ) Genesis


    How to use? Dosage :

    Sustanon + Deca will be injected two times a week, in the same time. Shot 1 ampule of Sustanon and Deca two times a week ( for example > on Monday, on Friday ). Draw full ampule always.

    So Sustanon Turkey + Deca Durabolin will be used two times a week. ( 2 ampules of each / week )

    Methandienone ( Dianabol ) .. take 4 tabs a day for first 6 weeks.


    I will leave to everyone to set up PCT by his needs.



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