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Fragment HGH 176-191 Odin Pharma 10 x 10iu [5mg/vial]

Brand: Odin Pharmaceuticals

Substance: Fragment HGH 176-191

Pack: 10 x 10iu [5mg/vial]

Odin Pharma is dispatched from the US domestic warehouses.

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Dante K.
HGH Frag

First time using this product. I've used HGH but, not just Frag. Take it on empty stomach and 45 min later I'm Starving. Definitely increased my fat burning. I am peeping for a armature City BB show. Went from 242lbs to 231lbs but, more importantly my Body fat went from 11% to 7.2%. Stuck to a restrictive calorie diet and you will definitely lose more FAT then without using. I used 700-800mcg(high dose) for 6 week. Used 4 viles total. Much better effect then running Clen or t3. No shakes or heart pounding effects. Will run 'frag' again for sure.



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