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Zelle is a super easy way how to send money. This service is available for our still customers, the most faithful ones.

How does Zelle work? The easiest way how to explain is this 1.3 minute long video:
or simply visit zellepay(.)com website.

So how do I place a new order and pay by Zelle?

It’s very easy. After you checkout, choose the ” BANK TRANSFER ” payment options in the last step of the order process. Finish your order through ” BANK TRANSFER ” payment method and then message us that you wish to pay via Zelle. As soon as we receive your message we’ll send you email with instructions how to do it. And basically, that’s it.

A lot of people want to pay with a credit card. However, due to the new bank regulations it’s extremely difficult. Pharmaceutical business has many restrictions and especially for credit card processing. We believe our still customers appreciate Zelle payment method as it’s almost as easy as paying with credit card.

If you have some questions please do not hesitate to contact us and I’ll be more than happy to help 🙂

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