How to pay for your order via Indacoin

Visa and MasterCard

Pay for your order easily and discreetly by your credit card. Then, IndaCoin sends us your money in bitcoins.


1 – Create and verify your account on Indacoin

Go to , create your account and verify it.

If this is your first order on Indacoin, your identity must first be validated by Indacoin. You will need to wait between 10 minutes and 12 hours before you can fill your order. But if you have ordered Bitcoins from Indacoin before, you can pay immediately and we will receive your payment within 2 hours.

In case this is your first order you will have to verify your identity at Indacoin. You must wait around 10 minutes in order to fill your order. That’s a rough time for them to validate your account.

This is a way how Indacoin fights scam and fraudulent transactions. Your identity and all information are confidential and protected by secured servers.

The good thing is that your transaction is super anonymous. Bank or anyone else has no chance to identify what you paid for because your money are converted into the bitcoins by Indacoin and sent to our unique bitcoin address.

2 – Place the order and copy bitcoin wallet ID + cost of your order.

In the last step of the checkout process please choose BITCOIN as a payment method. Copy our bitcoin wallet id ( it says you have 30 minutes but you don’t need to worry as we have no problem to wait even a day)

btc wallet

This Bitcoin address is unique for each order, please do not re-use this address for another any other orders.

3 – Order Bitcoins on Indacoin using our Bitcoin address

Now, please order your bitcoins at the Indacoin’s website: :


Indacoin payment

  1. In “You have ___ USD ”Please fill in the exact amount in USD we gave you at checkout.
  2. Add your email address in the email field.
  3. in “ Crypto wallet address “, Paste the Bitcoin address we gave you at checkout page.
  4. Click on “I accept ..” and click on Continue and complete the payment process.

Once money/bitcoins are sent we’ll update your order status automatically as soon it appears in our account. It may take few hours.

Same as with other payments, please never mention the site you are ordering from, or the products you ordering.

4 – Payment received > your order being shipped

Once your Bitcoin payment has been received, we validate your order within 24 working hours (excluding weekends) and your order will be shipped within few business days.

Do not hesitate and ask us. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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