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MK2866 10 (OSTARINE) BY DEUS MEDICAL 50 Tab [10mg/tab]

Manufacturer: DeusMedical
Composition: Ostarine
Package: 50 tab 10mg/tab
Box total: 500mg


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Tim M.
1st time buyer

As we all do, we search and search the net for places to buy gear, I came across this site and gave it a go.. I put out alittle over a nickel for my 1st order.. they said 7-20 days. I started to get nervous around week 2 and emailed Paul.. I have nothing but great things to say about Paul. He returned EVERY EMAIL I SENT.. all within 24hrs and walked me through everything.. and everything he said ... happened.. my package came 18 days from the day I sent the money and today I am 2 1/2 weeks into my cycle and I am up 9lbs... I will 100% be ordering again from here.. this is my new go to site for gear!! Thanks again Paul & crew keep up the great work

Crystal R.
High Quality: easy transaction: very much recommend.

This was my first time buying online. Was a little bit nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect. Had a lot of questions that were answers within hours and was updated every few days on the process. I paid via bank wire. This was a little bit of a pain for me because it took quite a bit of time and confirming, ect w the bank. However, I placed another order and was able to pay this time via credit card which only took minutes, was much more convenient, and cheaper since I didn't have to pay a 45 dollar bank fee..I expected the product to take a month to arrive but actually the entire transaction from start to finish took about 2 weeks and once the product shipped arrived within days. I did test the product and it was legit. Didn't start the cycle yet. Will update review once I do. 🙂



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