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Testosterone Cypionate DHB 75mg/ml, 15ml/vial – Euro-Pharmacies

  • Supplier: Euro-Pharmacies
  • Chemical Name: Dihydroboldenone Cypionate
  • Comes In: 15ml vial – 75 mg/ml
  • Dosage: 200-600mg/week
  • Active time: 15-16 days
  • Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid


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Product Name:1-testosterone cypionate , Dihydroboldenone

Testosterone cypionate Dihydroboldenone aka DHB is commonly known as a brawny compound used by athletes world wide to capitalize and execute on output while seeking quality improvements with strength and body composition..This unique yet rugged drug possess the ability to help athletes take their performance to the next tier all-the-while yielding strength and overall muscle density throughout the entire musculoskeletal-system with major benefits in accelerated performance and production, nominating this drug as a stellar enhancer and game changer for most competitive athletes..

DHB will deliver quick and fast results which is probably attributed to the fact that it provides users with a platform and added advantage of feeling a unquenchable desire to continue to train longer and harder, due to it’s ability to provide a continuous output regardless of the physical training session, enabling the user to endure longer and harder high-intensity sessions..

If this agent was compared to any hormone with looking for similarities it would most likely be Primobolan (Metenolone), or a more potent version of Boldenone (It’s actually known to be a distant relative of EQ), with this said these would be my first go-to drugs when it concerns similarities. Yet, some users claim to identify effects to appear almost like a “low” dose of Trenbolone; i.e slight body temp increase, increased production with sweating (rare). Also, Something else that’s noteworthy is the fact that its more milder when compared to other AAS therefore irritability, aggression and even liver/kidney stress is minimal to none existing.

Dihydroboldenone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 200/100 yielding this drug 2 x as Anabolic compared to Testosterone..
One of the most intriguing characteristic of this agent is the mere fact that it will NOT aromatize, therefore it will provide the user with a more calibre status that will contribute to more authentic and quality musculoskeletal tissue growth without the fuss and muss of unwanted elevated estradiol levels that may transpire to unwanted results procuring within Sub-q and/or Adipose tissue with water retention and whatnot..This will assist the user with attempting to stay drier, leaner and more vascular..

DHB has a unique affinity to the AR’s unlike most other AAS that have transcriptions with other genes within cells leading to multiple signaling and going down other pathways, Dihydroboldenone has a more narrow targeting range making it more effective with maximizing greater quality in muscle growth and density. Yielding it as an eccentric acting character with achieving “notability” standing out and shining as a great polishing drug..Much similar to Primo, In fact pound for pound it may be a better alternative due to it’s molecular weight and injection/dosage requirements compared to Primobolan (Metenolone).
Example: 200mg of DHB would be somewhat similar in some respects to 500mgs of Primobolan, with far less injection volume.

However, there’s a slight drawback due to its molecular weight (compounding dosages and ratios will be a factor). DHB can display some PIP (post injection pain), so the users may wish to keep the oil volume low per muscle head..User sensitivity will vary,but most individuals find this drug to be very tolerable when it’s compounding at modest dosage of hormone per/mL

The injection frequency of Dihydroboldenone often depends on the user, however the attached ester will provide a better idea for injection scheduling.
The Cypioante ester has a half-life from 4.6 days with a residence time of 8 days, therefore injections can be administered once or multiple times weekly.

Average dosage of 1-testosterone cypionate is 200-400mg a week.
AAS ratio 2:1
Aromatization -none-



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