Zelle is fast, safe and easy way to send money through your trusted banking app – or the Zelle app if your bank doesn’t currently offer Zelle. NO maximum or minimum payment. Only available for the USA.


In order to pay for your order, you need to be registered in Zelle.

Then, you need to send us payment on our Email address inccnevo@gmail.com. Receiver name: Cnevo, Inc

  • PLEASE, It is VERY IMPORTANT NOT MENTION our website or ANYTHING RELATED to products you buying. Instead, as purpose of your payment you MUST write “IT Services” – this is absolutely necessary otherwise we cannot process your order.
  • Please NEVER CONTACT the email we gave you to pay your order, they are for payment purpose ONLY. Your order could be delayed or cancelled if you contact this email. Also, NEVER CONTACT directly ZELLE, for any reason. Please only contact our customer service if you need any any help.
  • Payment validation:

Once payment is sent please let us know by filling out this form: https://steroids-usa.org/confirm-your-payment/  (Screenshot must be named with Full sender’s name and data of transaction, in case it doesn’t work simply email us at info@steroids-usa.org

And that’s it! Thank you very much for reading our instructions.

All details were sent to you email. 

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