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    Achieve Your Bodybuilding Goal with Cypionax

    Bodybuilding requires administering proper health supplements. And that’s where steroidal compounds play a pivotal role. Nowadays, most bodybuilders all over the world prefer to administer steroids to achieve their bodybuilding goal. These are truly effective bodybuilding supplements that can help acquire a ripped physique within the shortest possible time.


    Well, the steroidal compounds derived from Testosterone have been proved to be quite effective in the world of bodybuilding. Some are available on the market in oral form, while others are in injectable form. But dosage matters a lot in terms of administering steroids. And that’s why injectable steroids are highly recommended. Most importantly, these are safe if taken with the right dosage.

    Now, the question is which one to administer to have a well-defined body. Well, in this respect, one can facilitate numerous options. But Testosterone Cypionate is the most picked compound by bodybuilders and athletes. You will find this substance under the brand name Cypionax manufactured by Body Research.

    What Is Cypionax?

    Cypionax is the brand name of Testosterone Cypionate made by Body Research, a trusted manufacturing company in Thailand. This intramuscular injectable form of steroid is a single ester, long-acting form of testosterone. And administering this testosterone ester is the best option to meet all your requirements for building mass.  It’s available by Body Research at a quantity of 10 x 200 mg / 2 ml tubes.


    However, one needs to contact a reputed steroid supplier to get genuine products. And that’s where Body Research has earned a solid reputation across the globe. It’s one of the leading manufacturers of steroidal supplements. Their pharmaceutical labs located in Thailand are highly accredited.

    They aim to provide high-quality and authentic products that can help you reach your bodybuilding goal. All the substances they offer are clinically tested. And these are available at an affordable rate.

    So, purchasing from this online supplier means you need not to worry about your health. But to get the faster result, it’s highly recommended to administer Testosterone Cypionate with proper diet and workout.

    What You Should Know About Testosterone Cypionate (Cypionax)

    This ester form of Testosterone is powerful both on its own and when stacked with other steroidal compounds. It was approved on 25th July, 1979.

    It stacks extremely well with almost all steroids. And the most important fact is that this can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles.

    Administering other steroids can suppress your natural testosterone function. And this is why you should go for Testosterone Cypionate. This potent androgen acts as a supportive hormone compound that can keep your testosterone to a normal level.

    One should inject Testosterone Cypionate once per week. But it depends on the dosage. Those who use higher dosage can go for a twice weekly injection.

    Testosterone Cypionate (Cypionax)

    Testosterone Cypionate Benefits

    Like other forms of Testosterone esters, Testosterone Cypionate comes with a lot of benefits in bodybuilding. It suits people for a longer cycle. However, some of its benefits include:

    1. Boosts Protein Synthesis

    Testosterone Cypionate plays an active role in boosting protein synthesis of a body. It’s nothing but a process of repairing and replacing damaged proteins. And protein is the building block of muscles. It means it can provide the users with massive gains and a faster recovery in muscles.

    1. Boosts Nitrogen Retention

    Nitrogen retention means keeping your body in an anabolic state. Otherwise, your body may fall into a catabolic state. And imbalance in the nitrogen level in this state may lead you to lose muscles. However, Testosterone Cypionate retains nitrogen in the prime state, which helps faster muscle growth.

    1. Increases Strength

    Testosterone Cypionate can increase the strength of your body. As a result, you can work harder and longer without being tired. And this will ensure faster progress towards your results. Well, that’s the reason why this steroidal compound is highly recommended for enhancing muscular and athletic performance.

    1. Enhances Red Blood Cell Count

    This injectable steroid can increase the production of red blood cells in a body. Red blood cell carries oxygen to every part of a body, including muscles. And the more oxygen your muscles get, the more you will experience muscle endurance. As a result, you can work hard for prolonged hours.

    1. Improved Rates of Repair

    As testosterone Cypionate can speed up protein synthesis in a body, it can enhance cell activity in the muscle. These cells assist in repairing damaged muscle tissues. It means this bodybuilding supplement protects the muscle from the damaging effects of muscle catabolism. As a result, one can prolong his training session.

    It doesn’t matter whether you want bulking effects or cutting. Testosterone Cypionate ( Cypionax) provides an effective result in both of these two states. It’s one of the best esters that beginners can also use.

    How Does Testosterone Cypionate Help Bodybuilders?

    This injectable steroid helps bodybuilders to gain big muscle fast. One can put on lean muscle mass with administering it. But it’s a must to control water retention by using aromatase to achieve quality gains. As a result, your muscle building will be faster with increased strength.

    Dosage of Testosterone Cypionate (Cypionax)

    Taking too much Testosterone Cypionate can result in unpleasant side-effects. Hence, before you administer, consult with your physician and be aware of its dosage.

    You can inject yourself a single large dosage a week. But it’s better to go for two injections a week. So, if you want to administer Testosterone Cypionate of 500 mg a week, split the dosage of 250 mg twice a week.

    Dosage for Beginners

    Whatever the steroidal compound you administer, it’s prudent to start with a lower dosage to avoid health hazards. But in terms of Testosterone Cypionate for beginners, administering 250 mg/ week will be ideal. This dosage is often used for treating low testosterone level.

    Intermediate Users

    For the intermediate users, the dosage would be quite higher as compared to the beginners. However, the recommended dosage for the intermediate users is 500 mg for up to 1-12 weeks.

    For advanced Users

    For advanced users, 500mg to 700 mg weekly is quite effective for muscle growth. And with this dosage, one can able to control side-effects.

    It can be tempting to increase the dosage above 1000 mg for muscle gain. And this will heighten the estrogenic and androgenic side-effects. So, this amount of dosage is usually not recommended.

    Testosterone Cypionate Cycles

    There is no denying that stacking can give you the best result within a short time. But the stacking steroids and their dosage are different for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

    Testosterone Cypionate Cycles

    However, Testosterone Cypionate is a versatile steroid that can stack well with almost other steroids.

    For Beginners

    If you want to administer Testosterone Cypionate as a beginner, it’s prudent not to include other steroids. In this respect, a 12 week cycle with the dosage between 300 mg to 500 mg is highly advisable. This cycle is ideal for gaining quality lean mass with minimal side-effects.

    Testosterone Cypionate is considered the safest steroid for beginners. Hence, to gain better result, you can stack with other anabolic steroids. Well, try the following one.

    Steroid Dosage Time
    Testosterone Cypionate 500 mg 1-12 weeks
    Deca Durabolin 200 mg 1-12 weeks


    In this 12 week cycle, the dosage of Deca Durabolin is quite low. That’s why you need to take 500 mg of Testosterone Cypionate to get a quality result.

    The combination of Testosterone Cypionate and Deca Durabolin is ideal for beginners. It leads to significant muscle gain. Most beginners can handle this dosage. Hence, it shouldn’t be a cause of concern.

    For Intermediate Users

    If you are at the intermediate stage, you will definitely want to combine Testosterone Cypionate with other steroids. However, this steroidal compound works best with Dianabol. So, as an intermediate user, follow this cycle mentioned below.

    Steroids Dosage Weeks
    Testosterone Cypionate 500mg 1-12 weeks
    Dianabol 25mg 1-6 weeks
    Deca Durabolin 200mg 1-12 weeks


    This steroid cycle is identical to the beginners except for the addition of Dianabol. It’s one of the most effective anabolic steroids used for bodybuilding. This compound is available in oral form, and works best in gaining muscle mass.

    By following this steroid cycle, intermediate users can gain strength to a great extent. It’s one of the most effective Testosterone Cypionate cycles as it comes with a combination of two popular steroids

    However, this combination will work best on you.

    Advanced Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

    Advanced users usually take Testosterone Cypionate as a supportive compound. And while following the steroid cycle at this stage, it’s highly advisable to combine effective anabolic steroids with this steroidal compound.

    At the advanced stage, one can achieve the best outcome with maintaining the following cycle.


    Dosage Weeks
    Testosterone Cypionate 200-300 mg/ week 1-12 weeks
    Trenbolone Enanthate 600mg/week

    1-12 weeks


    With following this cycle, one can avoid the side-effect of water retention. Its because, here, Testosterone Cypionate is taken at a lower dosage by which one can avoid aromatization. And Trenbolone doesn’t aromatize and convert to estrogen. Hence, this advanced cycle doesn’t cause any estrogen related side-effects.

    Apart from this, you can also consider the following advanced cycle.

    • Weeks 1-6 – 40mg/day Dbol (split throughout day)
    • Weeks 7-12 – 100mg/eod Trenbolone
    • Week 1-12 – 500mg/week Testosterone Cypionate (Mon/Thurs at 250mg), 0.5mg/day Arimidex
    • (PCT) Week 15-17 – 100mg/day Clomid for the first 10 days, after that, take 50mg/day for 10 more days.

    Unknown Facts about Testosterone Cypionate (Cypionax)

    Testosterone Cypionate is highly used for muscle as well as strength gain. It also increases IGF-1. Besides, bodybuilders use this supplement in cutting cycle with a lower dosage. In this cycle, it acts as a testosterone replacement. It’s because the other anabolic steroids you would administer may suppress your testosterone level.

    Testosterone Cypionate

    This testosterone ester comes with a half-life of 8-12 days. It may take four or more weeks to give you noticeable improvements in strength. Even it sometimes takes 6 weeks. That’s why the cycle of Testosterone Cypionate should be of 12 weeks.

    Side-Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

    An excessive dosage of Testosterone Cypionate comes with a lot of side-effects. If you use this steroidal compound at a performance-enhancing level, the chance is high that you will experience potential side-effects. But the side-effects are easy to control. Some examples include:

    1. Aromatization

    It’s one of the biggest downsides of Testosterone Cypionate. It means it’s converted into estrogen within the body. And that’s what promotes fat gain and suppresses metabolism. It can cause water retention, bloating, and so many.

    1. Infection

    As testosterone Cypionate is an injectable steroid, make sure you inject clean needles. Otherwise, you will suffer from the infection. But this can be cleared up with antibiotics.

    1. Acne, Heal Baldness

    It’s an androgen hormone. That’s why Testosterone Cypionate can cause an increase in oil production in the skin. As a result, you can experience acne, heal baldness, etc.

    The other side-effects of Testosterone Cypionate include:

    • A clot in the lung
    • Aggressive behaviour
    • Liver tissues death
    • High cholesterol
    • Depression
    • Decreased appetite

    Side-Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

    Hence, to avoid experiencing these health hazards, you must be under the guidance of a health care provider. And following the right dosage is a must. And due to its powerful androgenic effects, Testosterone Cypionate is not recommended for women.

    Where Would You Buy Testosterone Cypionate (Cypionax)?

    Who doesn’t want to buy genuine steroidal compounds? You too, right? Then look no further but make your purchase from a genuine online supplier. They offer quality steroidal compounds at an affordable rate. So, order Testosterone Cypionate online and get a well-defined body.

    On the flip, traditional stores may not guarantee of providing quality products. Besides, they don’t provide steroidal compounds at such a reasonable rate that an online store can provide.

    The best thing about an online purchase is that you can pay with a credit card from anywhere. And most importantly, their efficient delivery option will help you get your steroids at your doorstep.


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