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    SIS laboratories- the best solution for anabolic steroids!

    Anabolic steroids work just like a magic wand for bodybuilders and athletes. No matter you are looking forward to cutting or bulking, you can get a faster and optimal result. The effects are visible just within a month if taken as per the recommended dosage with a diet chart and regular intense workouts. Also, apart from muscle growth, steroidal compounds are highly effective to improve overall performance, including endurance, strength, and recovery as well.

    Anabolic steroids

    Anyway, over the past years, bodybuilders and athletes are considering different steroid manufacturers for high-quality anabolic substances. And, SIS Laboratories is one of the oldest names among steroid manufacturing companies.

    About SIS Laboratries

    The old school of veteran bodybuilders and athletes are the founders of SIS Laboratories who have the knowledge of the effective anabolic steroids and their uses. They were the pioneer of the AAS business and has been ruling over the steroid market over the decades. The experts have started a great and keep the consistency in providing the highest quality steroidal substances in the market.

    But, with the advancement of years, there came several counterfeiters in the market who produced poor-quality compounds using their brand name. That’s why they decide to establish a licensed GMP certified production facility in Eastern Europe to ensure the quality standard of their products as high as possible.

    The founders of SIS Laboratories invest a large amount to buy the best processing machinery and equipment to maintain a constant quality standard for their anabolic steroidal compounds. Moreover, they decide to create a department of “Anti-Counterfeit” that brings an innovative transformation in their product packaging ideas and designs.

    SIS Laboratories has a considerable fan base and distributors worldwide that encourage them to provide the best products to the end-user. Almost every year, the team of professionals attends different international exhibitions to upgrade the latest technology in their manufacturing procedure. Also, it helps them in research and work on new and different formulations. It ensures the usage of the lowest amount of solvents to blend the hormone into an oily solution.

    The raw materials they use to produce the anabolic steroidal products are brought from three different licensed API manufacturers in Asia and Europe. They strive to offer the purest APIs available across the globe by researching new methods of API synthesis.

    SIS Laboratories use advanced technologies in a well-known independent laboratory in Switzerland to ensure the quality standard of their raw material and final products. They carry out quality tests that come with a result above 98.5%. Their product lines undergo depryogenation, an advanced method that makes sure to provide the users with a sterile finished product.

    Anti-Counterfeiting Measures of SIS Laboratories

    The professional team of SIS Laboratories incorporates several Anti-Counterfeiting Measures in their product lines. It will help the customers to identify the genuine and original SIS Labs products in the market.

    They use some of the leading packaging companies worldwide to come with the best solutions that can beat even the most determined counterfeiter.

    Engraved logo design on the cap of the vials and oral container

    No matter you are buying injectable or oral anabolic steroids from SIS Laboratories, you can find four different colors for the caps.

    logo design on the cap

    Hot-Stamped multiple-layer holographic strip in the vial label and carton

    Apart from the caps, you can ensure the authenticity of your SIS Lab products from the multiple-layer holographic strip on the carton and vial label.

    multiple-layer holographic strip

    A security label containing authentication code for use on the website

    SIS Laboratories includes a hologram embedded into the security label that will help the buyers display the right product variant.

    authentication code

    The security label also contains a hidden Ultraviolet design based on its product variant

    Another option to verify the authenticity of SIS Lab products is to check the vial label. It contains the exact vibrant logo under UV lighting as in the images below.

    hidden Ultraviolet design 

    SIS Laboratories products

    From injectable steroids to oral, SIS Laboratories has a wide collection of steroidal compounds. The dosage and packaging differ from one substance to another.

    TESTEX 200

    TESTEX 200 or Testosterone Cypionate is an injectable steroidal compound. It comes in a 10 ml Sterile Multi-dose Vial pack that contains 200 mg substance/ml.

    TESTEX 200

    Anadrol 50

    In the SIS oral range, Anadrol 50 is the top choice of the bodybuilders as well as the athletes. It comes in a bottle of 60 tablets that contains 50 mg of substance in each.

    Anadrol 50


    Nandrolone Decanoate is a powerful anabolic steroid for beginners as well as advanced athletes and bodybuilders. You can find this substance under the brand name of DURABOLIN 300 by SIS Laboratories in a 10ml (300 mg/ml) Sterile Multi-dose Vial.


    Dianabol 10

    Methandrostenolone is available in the market from SIS Laboratories under the brand name Dianabol 10. The bottle contains 100 tabs (10 mg/each tablet) in a pack.

    Dianabol 10

    TEST DEPOT 300

    Testosterone Enanthate comes under the brand name of TEST DEPOT 300 in SIS Laboratories. Just like the previous one, it’s available in the injectable form in a 10 ml Sterile Multi-dose vial pack. Each dosage contains 300 mg of substance.

    TEST DEPOT 300


    For beginners, Post Cycle Therapy is essential to follow. SIS Laboratories manufactures PCT tablets that come in a bottle contained 100 pills. Each tablet contains 102.5mg of substance.



    Boldenone Undecylenate is available in a pack of 10ml Sterile Multi-dose Vial as BOLDENONE 300. It contains 300 mg of substance in each dose. Its 20mg to 30 mg daily dosage is adequate for bulking.



    Clomid is a great option as the PCT for bodybuilders and athletes while taking anabolic steroids. The substance comes in oral form in a container of 50 tablets (50 mg/pill).


    TESTO-PROP 100

    Testosterone Propionate is a popular ester of Testosterone used by many bodybuilders and athletes. SIS Laboratories manufactures this injectable substance under the brand name TESTO-PROP 100 in the market. It comes in a 10 ml Sterile Multi-dose Vial package (100 mg/ml).

    TESTO-PROP 100

    Winstrol 50

    The original name of the compound is Stanozolol, available as Winstrol 50 from SIS Labs. The bottle contains 60 tablets that have 50 mg of substance in each.

    Winstrol 50

    SUSTANON 250

    SUSTANON 250 is a substance combined with 4 different esters of Testosterone. SIS Laboratories manufacture this steroidal compound in a 10ml Sterile Multi-dose Vial pack. It contains Testosterone Propionate 50mg, Testosterone PhenylPropionate 50mg, Testosterone Isocaproate 50mg, and Testosterone Decanoate 100mg.

    SUSTANON 250


    Methenolone Enanthate is available under the brand name of PRIMOBOLAN 100 by SIS Laboratories. The product comes in a 10ml Sterile Multi-dose Vial pack that contains 100 mg substance per ml.


    Apart from these, you can get other high-quality anabolic steroids from this manufacturing company in online steroid stores. Their product lines include

    Tri Durabolin 300, NPP 100, BOLDENONE 500, Androbolic 400, Nolvadex, and many more.

    Test results of SIS products

    SIS Laboratories commit and strive to maintain quality standards and transparency. They are the most tested lab worldwide. The team of experts sends the samples of their steroidal compounds to the API and the finished products to two other labs in Europe.

    Winstrol 50

    The steroidal compound of SIS lab has been recently tested in API. and, it scores over 95% in quality standards.

    Test results of SIS products Winstrol 50

    Clomid 50

    As the PCT cycle, Clomid is a great option. SIS Clomid 50 results over 98% in maintaining high-quality standards.

    What people say about the SIS Labs Products?

    As mentioned previously, there is a huge fan base of bodybuilders and athletes for SIS Labs products. And, most reviews of the users show that they have experienced effective results using SIS steroidal products.

    • “I am using SIS SUSTANON 250 for the last six months. It’s the absolute best and effective than any other compounds I have used before.”
    • “If you ask me, SIS labs means top-quality products. Its BOLDENONE 300 makes me look far better than before just in two months. It’s amazing!”
    • “I used a bottle of the SIS Test Prop with sis Masteron 400mg/400mg per week. It increased the libido level and give me a well-built bulked look.”
    • “I prefer picking SIS Lab compounds for my cutting cycle. And, the effect looks so visible.”
    • “I have been using Sis Labs Anavar at a daily dosage of 100mg split in two for a total of 6 weeks. I experienced an increase in strength gains and also noticed significant pumps when training.”
    • “I have used SIS Anavar with Test Pro. For me, I am happy with its bulking effects. There are no side effects.”
    • “Well, I have ordered SIS Tri Test 400 and Winstrol before a month. There’s nothing to say about quality. It’s superb. And, the results are noticeable.

    However, the effects of steroids depend on genetics and stability as well. So, the results are not always that effective. That’s why the feedback or reviews of the customers contains both positive and negative comments.


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