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    An inside peek on the best muscle gaining steroids that really work!

    With the advancement of the fitness industry exploding through different social platforms, several changes have occurred. The modern fitness community is becoming habituated to see professional athletes when it is about drug selection. And the dependence of outstanding sportspersons such as Anderson Silva, Marion Jones, encouraged bodybuilders to choose a steroid cycle.

    And when it is about doing this task rightly, different confusions might arise. On one side you will have unending information on different steroid types, such as bulking, cutting, and so on. Some of them are claimed to give the safest result. And on the other part, you will have some sensationalist news sources claiming steroids are not safe at all!

    So what is the truth? Well, in the continuing segment of this blog, we will try to find out some essential factors related to the bulking or muscle building steroids. Here’s a gist of the topics I am going to discuss.

    • Information on some useful bulking steroids.
    • Factors that determine the success of a steroidal cycle.
    • Preparation phase before starting the cycle
    • Different steroid cycles.
    • Abuse of different bulking steroids.

    Some most sought after steroids widely used by the bodybuilders

    Before you dig deeper into this discussion, get some information on anabolic steroids. They are nothing but performance-enhancing drugs that cause superb muscle gain and help in physique improvement. Scroll down the continuing lines and check out some details on some highly-effective bulking steroids.


    John Bosley Ziegler developed Dianabol in 1958. Also known as Methandrostenolone, this one is one of the best bulking steroids that never fail to give satisfactory results. Dianabol is a testosterone-derived anabolic steroidal compound. It is useful for promoting effective protein synthesis and power stimulation. Dianabol is also known for manifesting itself in a specific way.  Bodybuilders experienced rapid and fast muscle build-up after administering D Bol.

    Dianabol administration and dosage

    Like other bulking steroids, Dianabol dosage also varies from one person to another. 15-20 mg per day is sufficient for regular fitness enthusiasts. The commonest dosage of D Bol used by most fitness enthusiasts falls under the 20- 30 mg range. For effective result, you may increase the dosages to 50 mg per day. Don’t be surprised if you find a bodybuilder intaking 100 mg D Bol/day. But it is not advisable, as more increased dose means more profound side effects.


    Dianabol side effects

    Before you start using Dianabol to get a ripped physique, it is better to have an idea about its side effects also. Let’s know them in brief here.

    Androgenic side effects

    Dianabol comes with different androgenic side effects including excessive hair growth, acne, hair loss, and so on. Different studies have also found different virilization symptoms like voice deepening, hair growth in women as well. To avoid these side effects, women are advised to intake Dianabol at a very low dosage.

    Estrogenic side effects

    Estrogenic side effects of Dianabol are Gynecomastia, increased blood pressure, excessive water retention, and so on. Using Anti-estrogens may help you to deal with the adverse estrogenic side effects. It is not at all a tough task to find the right anti-estrogen, as there are many available in the market. You require choosing one that can serve your needs rightly.  Some commonest anti-estrogens popular among bodybuilders are Aromatase Inhibitors like Arimidex and SERMs or Nolvadex (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators).

    Effects on cholesterol level

    Dianabol comes with a negative impact both on cholesterol levels. D Bol causes suppression in good cholesterol and enhances bad cholesterol. You need to manage it right before you start your Dianabol cycle. It means you need to avoid simple sugar and high cholesterol food at your best.

    Side effects on liver

    Dianabol causes liver stress that may cause damage at the end. It is not a matter to worry about it when you use it at the right dosage. According to experts, it is advisable not to administer Dianabol continuously for more than six weeks.  And it better to avoid alcohol consumption as well.


    Anadrol is one of the most useful steroidal substances ever designed for muscle bulking. Studies show that regular and sturdy bodybuilders have gained 14.5 pounds on average for each hundred pounds weight.

    Anadrol is capable of taking your muscle size and strength to a new level. After long and dedicated studies, scientists have considered it “one of the most potent steroids ever developed for building muscle”. This one is arguably the best steroid in the power and weight lifting circles. Mainly available in oral forms, Anadrol does not need to get injected.

    Anadrol administration and dosage

    According to the experts, a dosage between 50 to 100 mg is sufficient in the case of Anadrol.  But as said earlier, to get the best out of it, don’t set it on your own. Take expert opinion before setting up your dosage.

    Anadrol 50mg

    Anadrol side effects

    Long-term use of Oxymetholone or Anadrol may cause problems like a liver tumor, cysts in the spleen, and so on. Besides don’t hesitate to call your doctor if you are suffering from these adverse side effects.

    • Rapid weight gain
    • Loss of appetite
    • Breathing issues
    • Acne
    • Restlessness
    • Vomiting and diarrhea.

    Deca Durabolin

    Deca Durabolin is a popular anabolic steroid, featuring Nandrolone, a steroidal hormone. After its first appearance in 1960, the Nandrolone hormone was developed for commercial use in the year 1962. At that time, it became popular under the trade name Deca Durabolin. Different versions of Nandrolone Decanoate got introduced to the market. But amid all of them, Deca Durabolin remains highly recognized.

    It was not the first creation of Nandrolone compound belonging to the Organon’s Durabolin, which was specifically Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. This version acts faster and comes with a less active duration. Deca Durabolin has dominated the Nandrolone market hugely.

    Deca- Durabolin administration and dosage

    This bulking steroid is a slow-acting one that does not require frequent injecting. For bodybuilders and athletes, who want to get a ripped physique, 100 mg/ week is a useful starting point. But 200 mg/week can make many bodybuilders happy. This high dosing helps in assuring recovery, endurance with the required anabolic boost.

    To get the true anabolic gains, 300 mg/week can be called a low-end-dose. Some bodybuilders may find 400 mg/ week as the right dose. Bodybuilders going through an advanced phase can tolerate up to 600 mg dose per week.

    Estrogenic side effects

    It is not an estrogenic steroid at all. But the aromatizing nature can’t be ignored. It refers to the test’s capacity to convert to estrogen, and this happens due to the hormonal interaction with the aromatase enzyme. The increased level of estrogen may cause gynecomastia and high blood pressure as well.

    Thankfully, Deca Durabolin has a low aromatase level. But you need to pay attention to the progestin nature as well. Nandrolone is known for a powerful affinity for the progesterone receptor. Besides it, it stimulates the estrogenic mechanism enhancing gynecomastia risks.

    Deca- Durabolin

    Androgenic side effects

    Deca Durabolin comes with several androgenic side effects that are high for men. Probable androgenic side effects of Deca D are increased hair growth, man baldness, body hair growth, and so on. These side effects often depend on genetic factors.

    Nandrolone reduces to DHN than DHT. And when it happens for the interaction with and 5-alpha reductase enzyme, it diminishes the androgenous nature of Nandrolone.

    Effects on cholesterol level

    All leading and effective oral steroids have a powerful impact on cholesterol management, and this one is no exception. Whatever the form is, it can be harsh to the cholesterol level. Hence, if you are already suffering from a high cholesterol level, it is better to avoid Deca D. It skews the lower and higher cholesterol ratios. Studies have found that Nandrolone has a powerful and negative impact on HDL cholesterol than testosterone.

    Effects on Testosterone level

    It is suppressive to the natural testosterone like other anabolic steroids. A single 100 mg dose of Deca D is sufficient for suppressing the natural test level. This rate can vary from one to another steroid.

    Other studies that don’t show the suppression rate, find a 2/3 rd reduction in total test level. And for this cause, bodybuilders supplementing with Deca D includes exogenous testosterone. It will make sure your body is getting the required testosterone. The absence of exogenous testosterone leads to the low and bothersome testosterone condition easily.

    Testosterone Enanthate

    Testosterone Enanthate helps in increased muscle mass. Leaner body mass is useful for weight controlling and energy enhancement. Men with low test levels can get benefitted from this steroid excellently. It decreases the fat mass, simultaneously enhancing your muscle mass and strength.

    Some bodybuilders find a change in the lean body mass amount, without experiencing strength enhancement. Other traits of this useful steroid include-

    • Enhanced red blood cell counts
    • Increased protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
    • Increased rate of IGF-1 (Insulin- Growth- Factor), and so on.

    Testosterone Enanthate dosage and administration

    The standard Test Enanthate dose falls in 100-200mg every 7-10 days.  Many physicians also split up the dose and suggest to intake it every five days. Some doctors prescribe 200-400mg every 2-3 weeks in some cases every four weeks.

    Testosterone Enanthate side effects

    Estrogenic side effects

    Testosterone Enanthate is also an estrogenic hormone that causes conversion to estrogen. When this level rises you may suffer from gynecomastia and excessive water retention. And the later issue may cause increased blood pressure.

    Testosterone Enanthate

    Androgenic side effects

    They are strong although these effects are dependable on genetic predispositions. Like other anabolic steroids, it also comes with several androgenic side effects, including hair loss, body hair growth, and so on. All these effects take place for the test’s ability to reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  In some cases, using Finasteride can be helpful.

     Effects on Testosterone

    Testosterone Enanthate causes suppression in natural testosterone production. It is not a concern to the people suffering from low test levels as he is no longer capable of producing sufficient testosterone. It is not a concern for bodybuilders or athletes’ as well. Exogenous testosterone will serve their needs.  After the anabolic steroids come to the natural level, test production will begin again.

    Steroid cycle success rate depends on these factors

    There is no denying that to gain the best out of your steroid cycle, you need to learn the facts that determine the success rate. Some of these factors include your requirement, the bodybuilding phase you are going through, genetic factors, and so on.

    Training age- This age plays a significant role when it is about selecting a bulking steroid cycle. Training age is nothing but the time that bodybuilders spend on lifting weights. In case, you go through a religious diet and hard workout sessions for a long (for instance- 10 to 12 years), you don’t even need bulking steroids. Steroids can be your savior in case you want to get ripped and bulked muscles quickly.

    Bodybuilding phase- Are you working hard to get a sculpted physique for a long? Or you have entered in bodybuilding field recently? Whatever be your type, you need to find the right steroid.

    For instance- Dianabol, Trenbolone are some superb bulking steroids that can give a kick start to your bodybuilding mission. When to reach the advanced stage, steroids like Testosterone Enanthate come to your help. Steroid stacking is also suggested for the users who want to achieve an impressive physique. Stacking is the blending of several anabolic steroids and also the non-steroidal items administered during the cycle. Get a pictorial view of this fact.

    Genetic factors – Patients come with a varied response to drugs and steroids are no exception. Studies show that genetic factors may cause a surprising variability in each bodybuilder! Genetic influence on the drug metabolism rate can’t be ignored at all.

    Besides other extrinsic facts that determine the final outcome include environment and other facts. However, to acquire an impressive physique you had dreamt of for a long; choose one after paying attention to this fact.

    How to get prepared for the best steroid cycle ever?

    The best and useful bulking steroid cycles are not about the products you are administering. It is also about how you are making use of them. Different factors are there that you need to take into account while getting started with your bulking steroid cycle. The potency, nature, product purity are some most significant among them.


    But remember, even a top-quality steroid will not come to your help unless you give the right effort on your part. Dig deeper into the following lines and know some things you need to do as a bodybuilder before beginning your cycle.

    • Execute the Right Diet Plans Without From the Starting Phase

    Some bodybuilders (true to say the most) wait until the mid of the steroid cycle when it comes to making proper diet planning. But setting up the nutritional plans in this phase is not a wise decision, and it can’t give you the optimal benefits at all.

    Hence, be prepared beforehand and make a habit of intaking high-protein and healthy diets at the starting phase. Doing this comes with other added benefits as having the right food stops the body from turning to its own muscle stores.

    This is significant to stay away from the flabby, unimpressive, thick muscle definition required by every bodybuilder.

    • Get Started With A Small and Right Steroid

     It is common to be anxious before beginning the bulking steroid cycle, even after going through the plethora of examples. Several virtual pieces of evidence are there that can give you an idea about the tremendous results provided by several bulking steroids. For the best result, start with a small cycle and get to know relevant facts about your steroids in detail.

    However, the latest steroidal substances are formulated to have minimal effects on your health. Still, don’t forget about the moderate effects such as joint pains, decreased energy, and so on. Before you get started know the steroids that will work with you. Remember, steroids that work properly on others might not suit you.

    • Be Strict About Your Gym Routine

    Try to get the right knowledge of the weight you can lift, and how long you can push yourself before getting exhausted.  Don’t be one of the unwise fitness enthusiasts who get into the gym to lift random and unplanned weights. Prepare a chart for some weeks. So that you may get sure bulking steroid is leading you in the right direction.

    • Don’t expect instant miracles

    Don’t get started with your cycle with the notion that you will get ripped and bulked muscles instantly. Steroids don’t make you unable to pass through all fitness levels at one chance. Hence, be patient and give the required time to get the best result.

    The ways bulking steroids work

    Bulking steroid cycles can create magic when a fitness enthusiast endeavors to gain significant muscle size. According to Hansen, bodybuilders, administering steroids, can go through a harder workout session than a natural one. All anabolic steroids used for bodybuilding, help in muscle tissue stimulation and mimic the effects of naturally produced testosterone within the body. They can stay in the body from 2 weeks to one year.

    Body building steroids help users to use more amount of protein that causes a higher level of nitrogen retention. Finally, they cause energy enhancement and you can get more focused on your gym workout sessions. Finally, all you gain is an impressive physique with ripped and sturdy muscles.

    Bulking steroid cycles helping in magnificent muscle gaining

    If you talk about the effective muscle gaining steroids a long list can be provided before you. However, as said before, the best steroids for muscle gaining include Dianabol, Trenbolone, Testosterone, Anadrol, Deca-Durabolin, and so on. Delve deeper into the continuing lines and know about them and the cycles in detail.

    Anadrol Cycle

    Anadrol is the most useful bulking steroid that never fails in gaining muscles. Anadrol is not right for beginners, but if you have testosterone or Dianabol before, an Anadrol cycle with a moderate dose can help. Depending on your needs, you may use it alone or you may stack this with other injectable steroids such as Deca, testosterone, Trenbolone, and so on. Get a précised ideas about these cycles here.

    Week Anadrol
    1 50 mg/day
    2 50 mg/day
    3 50 mg/day
    4 75 mg/day
    5 75 mg/day
    6 75 mg/day


    This cycle is suitable for the bodybuilders who are using Anadrol for the first time but want huge gains.

    Anadrol and Deca- Durabolin cycle

    Week Deca- D Anadrol
    1 400 mg
    2 400 mg
    3-4 400 mg 50 mg
    4-8 400 mg 75 mg


    In case you had cycled Anadrol beforehand and desire to get potent stacks minimizing side effects, intaking Deca D can be a worthy addition. You can find the suppressed testosterone production and increased water retention after involving Deca- D in the cycle. But, Deca D inclusion does not increase the Androl side effects.

    Anadrol and Testosterone cycle

    Week Anadrol Testostrone
    1 50 mg/day 200 mg
    2 50 mg/day 200 mg
    3 50 mg/day 300 mg
    4 75 mg/day 300 mg
    5 75 mg/day 300 mg
    6 75 mg/day 350 mg


    This cycle is powerful and super-effective up-gradation from the earlier one superbly suitable for advanced bodybuilders.

    Anadrol Trenbolone and Test cycle

    Week Testosterone Anadrol Trenbolone
    1 300 mg 150 mg
    2 600 mg 150 mg
    3-4 600 mg 50 mg 150 mg
    5-10 600 mg 100 mg 150 mg
    11 300 mg


    This cycle stands second to none when it is about bulking your muscles. And tremendous trio assists you to get the desired physique with superb muscles.

    Dianabol cycle

    Similar to Anadrol’s activity and strength, this steroid causes water retention. More tolerable side effects that Anadrol makes it a highly popular sought after steroids among bodybuilders. This one is a top-rated bulking steroidal substance used by renowned bodybuilders such as Lou Ferrigno, Arnold, Franco Columbu, and so on. Now check out some D-bol cycles that give outstanding results

    DBol and Deca Durabolin Cycle

    Week 1-2 400 mg Deca D
    Week 3-4 400 mg Deca D+ 10 mg D Bol/day
    Week 5-10 400 mg Deca D+ 20 mg D Bol/day


    This one thought to be Arnold’s favorite cycle assisting him to win Olympia for seven times!

    D Bol and Anadrol Cycle

    Week 1-3 50 mg Anadrol/day+ 30 mg D Bol/day
    Week 4-6 75 mg Anadrol/day + 30 mg D bol/day


    It is better to be extra careful before proceeding with this cycle as it combines the two most powerful oral steroidal substances.

    Testosterone cycle

    This injectable steroid matches the ability of Dianabol when it is about increasing muscle mass and size. Here, I am going to present a test only cycle that can give excellent results when stacked with Anadrol and D bol.

    Testosterone and Deca D cycle

    Week 1-3 200 mg Test+ 200 mg Deca D
    Week 4-7 300 mg Test+ 300 mg Deca D
    Week 8 200 mg Test+ 200 mg Deca D


    Also known as the safest steroid stack, this one is a highly-effective combination immensely demandable amid all fitness enthusiasts.

    Test and Tren Cycle

    Week 1 300 mg Test+ 150 mg Tren
    Week 2-10 600 mg Test+ 150 mg Tren
    Week 11 300 mg Test


    If you want to gain lean mass, this steroid cycle could be your best bet. By lean muscle mass, we are telling about the cent percent lean muscle tissues causing no water retention.

    What happens when you abuse bulking steroids?

    Anabolic steroids, (both bulking and cutting) are abused by athletes or bodybuilders. And they follow this path with the intention of performance enhancement. Ranging from small to life-threatening issues, different side effects can occur while misusing steroids.

    Steroid misuse can lead you to addiction after a specific time. According to different studies, anabolic steroidal substances don’t cause a euphoric effect, like different addictive substances. But the bodybuilders, who administer them regularly, can develop an alarming reaction. Hence, before you begin your cycle, make sure you are using it at the right dosage. In the upcoming segment, I am throwing light on some of the abusive effects of steroids. Follow this infographic to know more.

    Two primary factors make such components addictive. These two factors include sudden withdrawal and obsessive-compulsive disorders. While the earlier fact causes severe withdrawal symptoms, the other one causes addiction development.

    However, I have gone through the detailed side effects of the different bulking steroids in the previous part. Still, let’s check out the list and get a concise view of health consequences that may cause by steroid abuse.

    When it is about getting the best result from your bulking steroids, avoiding the notable side effects, try to consult a physician first. He/ she will be the best person to suggest the required dosage for you. Before you select an expert, always try to be sure about his/her experience or reputation.

    Final thoughts

    Hence, these are some most significant facts about some super-effective bulking steroids. But be extra careful before you start administering this useful fitness boosting compound. Hopefully, choosing the right muscle gaining steroid won’t make you disappointed. Delay no more, start your bodybuilding mission with the right steroid now!


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