An athlete always needs some additional energy and performance capability than an ordinary person. When it is about the sports, every sportsperson dreams to break the previous record. But, due to the lack of a little bit of stamina, many promising athletes can’t reach that goal. FDA has already banned a bunch of harmful drugs. But, still, some of the performance boosting supplements are available on the market. Among them, Oxymetholone (C12H32O3), that is commercially known as Anadrol is the most referred power enhancer substance.

    Anadrol: A Power Booster Anabolic Steroid

    Oxymetholone boosts up energy and stamina of a person and provides bulky muscles. This power enhancer steroid started its commercial run from the 1960s, and various pharmaceutical companies started selling it in the form of injections, capsules, and liquid, for the medical purpose.

    This power booster steroid is highly anabolic and a bit androgenic. Due to its anabolic nature, you can gain 25Lbs in just six weeks. That’s why the athletes prefer to take this steroid during their bulking cycle. It boosts up their stamina and performance during the workouts and reduces the fatigue.

    Dosage and Precautions of Androl

    The Oxymetholone steroid carries a half-life of 16 hours. It shows that you can take Anadrol as an injection or as oral on a daily basis. Before you buy a power booster steroid, you should know that an injection can give more effective result than the oral capsule. So, the maximum number of athletes prefer to consume injectable steroid instead of oral ones. As leading a healthy life is your major concern, we suggest you not to have two oral steroids at the same time. Also, you should not continue a dosage cycle for more than eight weeks.

    The dosage also varies from person to person. Normally, we recommend having 25-50mg a day, and the experienced ones may take up to 120mg daily. But any dose above 50mg a day will put the negative impacts on your body. So, check the quantity before you inject it. If you want to take 25mg oral daily, just break the 50mg pills in half. Before taking the dose, consult with a physician.

    Dosage Chart

    In the following chart, we described the daily dosage amount for both beginners and advanced users. You can check which dose will be perfect for you before starting the cycle.

    Experience Level

    Daily Dose

    Cycle Duration (Weeks)








    100mg -120mg


    ** Any dosage above 50mg may cause negative effects to your body

    Advanced and experienced holders are those who have used it before and aware of their tolerance level. But, research says anything above 50mg per day has negative side effects on your body.

    Negative Impacts of Anadrol

    Some massive negative impacts of Anadrol can be experienced if it is taken without an expert’s guidance. We, therefore, recommend you to check the dosage carefully in order to minimize the negative impacts.

    • Gynecomastia: The Oxymetholone steroid is highly estrogenic. With it, you need to take an anti-estrogenic supplement that will control your estrogen level and prevent gynecomastia.
    • Water Retention: These kinds of steroids cause bloating. In order to maintain a healthy blood pressure, you need to prevent this effect by making the consumption of anti-estrogenic supplements.
    • Hair Loss and Acne: This power booster can cause massive hair loss and the growth of acne. People who are facing these two problems are suggested to consider the risk factors before taking the next dosage.
    • Testosterone Suppression: As the steroid is providing you with the external testosterone, an uncontrolled dosage of it may cause your body to stop the normal production of testosterone.
    • Hepatotoxicity: These health supplements are toxic for liver. Use it by maintaining the proper dosage in order to avoid the malfunction of your liver.
    • Cutting Cycle hampered: If you are on a cutting cycle, then the consumption of this health supplement will destroy your complete effort on it.
    • Low-Quality of Life: Abnormal use of this steroid may cause a headache, high blood pressure, bloating and other severe damage in your life cycle.

    Stack of Anadrol

    As it can affect the functionality of the liver, there are some limited options available for Anadrol stack. We strictly recommend you not to use Dianabol, as it may cause severe damage to the liver. But Trenbolone and Andriol will work well as Oxymetholone stack. Try to use 50mg of this health supplement with 50mg Trenbolone per day.

    Rules for Anadrol 50 Cycle

    As this health supplement is hepatotoxic, maintaining the limited dosage and cycle is important. So, you should follow some strict guidelines while using it.

    • Take the maximum 50-75mg dose of the steroid per day. Anything above 100mg will not help your muscle growth; rather it will provide a massive negative impact on your body.
    • If you take a higher dose of around 100mg a day, you should definitely reduce your cycle duration.
    • Keep an interval after every cycle and don’t take it for more than 16-18 weeks in a year.
    • At post cycle therapy, take Clomid or Nolvadex for 4-6 weeks.

    Post Cycle Therapy

    As oxymetholone is a highly anabolic power enhancer steroid, it is important to plan a better post cycle therapy in order to have a better gain and nullify the side effects. We recommend you to have Clomid or Nolvadex in the post cycle therapy for gaining the best outcome.

    PCT Duration

    Clomid (Per Day)

    Norvadex (Per day)










    Outcome of Anadrol

    The best outcome of this power booster steroid is mainly depended on four basic things – (i) your dosage, (ii) your exercise routine, (iii) your stack, and (iv) your diet.

    On an average, a user of this health supplement gains 10-15lbs in a cycle. But, if you have a better stack with a higher dose, you may gain up to 30lbs in a cycle. It doesn’t mean all users have the same goal. Most of the athletes use Anadrol to run faster and to perform better rather than gaining huge weight. Some others take this steroid just for enhancing their workout period

    Is Anadrol Legal?

    Commercially this compound was introduced in1960s. But, due to some unavoidable circumstances, FDA restricted the sale of this power booster in the 1980s. But, still, in some critical cases, doctors can prescribe this steroid, if the lesser anabolic compound fails.

    If you don’t have a prescription, it’s not legal to buy this steroid online.

    Can Women Take Anadrol?

    There is a contrast on this issue. Some people say it is the safest product for females. But, some others deny it as this steroid has a pretty low androgenic effect. If this health supplement is consumed by a female, there is a chance to experience permanent baldness, excessive body hair growth, clitoral enlargement and a change in voice.

    We, therefore, recommend all women to take it in a lower dose with an androgenic supplement to minimize the side effects.

    What would be the best to be used, Liquid, Injection or Capsule?

    It’s all your personal preference. But, injectable steroid provides you with a higher gain than any liquid or capsule. Check properly while buying, as liquid steroid and injectable steroid are same to look. But, both functions differently.

    How Much For A novice?

    If you are taking this Anadrol steroid for the first time, then you are recommended not to take more than 25mg a day and continue this cycle for 6 weeks.

    In the next cycle, you may increase your dose. But, it should never exceed 50mg a day. It will be the safest way for a beginner to gain some weight with the least side effects.

    How Much Can A Beginner Gain?

    It is a bit difficult to say how much you will gain, as the tolerance level of everyone varies. Being a beginner, you can gain 10-15lbs in a cycle of six weeks with 25mg per day. Besides, the diet, exercise and your stacks will also play a vital role in the whole cycle.

    Where Can I Get Anadrol?

    If you have a doctor’s prescription, you can buy Anadrol from any pharmacy. But, if you don’t, then you are not allowed to obtain the legal health supplement. In that case, you have to buy it at your own risk. However, it’s always advisable to buy this power enhancer from a trustworthy and reputed online store.


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