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    Bonavar- an incredible cutting steroid getting a huge popularity

    When it is about gaining a sculpted physique with impressive muscles, anabolic steroids can be your best bet! Such steroids work by imitating the natural hormone properties and come with a similar composition to testosterone. However, different anabolic steroids are now ruling the bodybuilding market, including Oxandrolone or Anavar. Being one of the most effective oral steroids, oxandrolone can give you a satisfactory result more than you can imagine.

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    Bonavar is nothing but the brand name of Anavar made by the renowned manufacturer Body Research. However, let’s delve into the continuing segment and know about this brand and Anavar in more detail.

    Bonavar definition

    As said earlier, it is the brand name of Oxandrolone, sold by Body Research. This leading manufacturer has earned a good reputation amid all the aspiring fitness enthusiasts for producing genuine and best quality steroidal substances. You can call it a one-stop destination to get a wide variety of authentic steroids at one place. The pharmaceutical labs of this leading manufacturer are trustworthy and accredited all over the world.


    The quality-assured Bonavar produced by them is highly useful for the bodybuilders, seeking surprising gains in their performances. Basically, popular as a cutting steroid, Bonavar has gained an added popularity for its performance-enhancing capacity.  However, like all other anabolic substances, this one can make you pleased by offering a well-built and impressive physique. But if you want to get faster results, administer Bonavar with the proper diet and workout!

    Some more interesting information on Oxandrolone (Bonavar)

    Oxandrolone is one of the fast-acting oral steroids, derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The half-life of this compound is 8 to 10 hours. Anavar has been widely used by several bodybuilders all over the world. Different causes have led it to be one of the most sought after steroid variety. Some significant of them are:

    • Oxandrolone is easy to administer.
    • Useful both for males and females.
    • It comes with minimal side effects compared to other anabolic steroids.
    • Anavar is mildly toxic to the liver, and its minimal hepatotoxicity level makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

    Oxandrolone (Bonavar)

    When you are going to buy Anavar, the possibilities are not to find it in this name. Instead, it is popular by its chemical name, Oxandrolone. Anavar comes with a strong anabolic rating. But this one is not useful as a bulking steroid like other steroids.

    Impressive Anavar effects you will love to know!

     The high metabolic activity and powerful fat burning capacity has made it highly demandable as a cutting steroid.  Still, if you want to get serious muscle gains from it, you need to consume it at a dangerous and high dosage. The active oxandrolone effects include:

    Enhances the nitrogen retention in muscle

    The prime oxandrolone function is keeping the body in its best anabolic state.  The result that you get for this feature is, muscle retaining and at the same time fat cuts. It also prevents the body from going to a catabolic state, where muscle tissues start to lose due to negative nitrogen balance level.

    Reduces all muscle wasting hormones

    It is the fundamental medical purpose of Oxandrolone when it is about muscle wastage prevention.  For fitness enthusiasts, Bonavar’s capacity to inhibit hormones such as cortisol offers a diminished chance of fat gaining. And also leads to the enhanced ability to maintain muscle mass tissues.


    Increases the red blood cells count

    Oxandrolone can provide magical effects when it is about increasing the count of the red blood cells. This quality causes a higher endurance level by transporting more nutrients and oxygen to muscles. It not only enhances the performance or endurance level but also results in improved vascularity.

    Enhances protein synthesis

    Regular and hard work out sessions may lead you to muscle tissue breakdown, lowering your strength and performance level. By protein synthesis, Anavar offers a faster muscle recovery.

    Possible side effects of Anavar

    Most bodybuilders don’t think twice to exceed the dosage limit to get the desired result quickly. And here comes the negative side effects of Anavar. Hence, if you want to get only the positive effects from it, don’t forget to take it at the right dosage. And to meet this goal, consider contacting a physician. Now check out some of its probable side effects. Also, have a look at the infographic for a better understanding.

    • Skin color changes
    • Hair loss
    • Acne
    • Decreased appetite
    • Depression
    • Energy loss
    • Breast pain
    • Heart attack
    • Stroke
    • Diarrhea
    • Liver Cancer
    • Excessive fat level in blood, and so on.

    side effects of Anavar

    How to administer Oxandrolone?

    Being an oral steroidal substance, Anavar will save you from the concern of injecting it. And Bonavar is also not an exception. Before you purchase it, be sure you are getting the genuine product. And to make it possible, don’t forget to check the buying source.

    If you want to avoid digestive issues related to it, take it with milk or food. Basing on your dosage, you may administer this from one to four times per day.  The short half-life of Anavar makes this dose minimum to keep its positive effects.

    Oxandrolone dosage 

    Well, before getting started with this discussion, know two determining facts that help to set your Bonavar or Anavar dosage. These facts are your mission and your gender.

    Different studies have proven that females can tolerate it excellently and get superb results even at a very low dose!  And of course, males require a higher dose. But don’t commit the mistake of taking your dose to the extreme level. It will not do any good for you except enhancing its deadly side effects.

    Now let’s look at the commonest Anavar dosage here.

    Anavar Dosage for the beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced bodybuilders

    Beginners- At this phase, you may start it with 30mg/ day. But remember, this lower dosage may cause less noticeable effects in some bodybuilders. Hence, 50 mg/day is considered as a preferable starting point.

    Intermediate stage- In the intermediate stage, you can increase the dosage from 50mg to 80mg/ day. You can expect exceptional results by following this dosage when maintained with the right diet.


    Advanced stage- Bodybuilders increase the dosage to 100mg/day at this phase.  Remember, in this state; don’t think of increasing dosage to get a better result. Instead, stack it with other powerful steroids that can give superb results!

    Anavar dosage for female

    A daily dosage of 10mg is useful for both muscles cutting and gaining. This dose can help to bring a notable improvement in the physique with superb hardness. This dosage minimizes masculinization side effects as well.

    Anavar cycle

    Oxandrolone cycle set about eight weeks for men and less than six weeks for females. Men administering this oral steroid in a cycle stack require running it for this time. And that can be continued for another four to six weeks after stacking with other steroids.  Even though bodybuilders use it for ten weeks, but it is not recommended at all. Now have a precise idea about its cycle.

    Anavar only cycle

    Week Anavar
    115 mg/day
    215 mg/day
    315 mg/day
    420 mg/day
    520 mg/day
    620 mg/day


    Anavar cycle for beginners

    Beginners can run an 8-week cycle of Oxandrolone with a maximum of 30-50mg daily dose. In this stage also, combining a test compound with it can be done. Doing this enables bodybuilders in avoiding low testosterone side effects.  Bodybuilders may use Testosterone Enanthate for twelve weeks with Anavar. This dosage depends on your personal needs and the muscle mass you are expecting.

    Anavar cycle at the intermediate state

    More fitness freaks extent Anavar dosage to 50-70mg daily dose. You need to add a testosterone ester in this cycle.

    100 mg/ per week dose is sufficient to restore the normal hormone function. The limited use of testosterone in this cycle can provide you with incredible fat loss and performance enhancement.

    Advanced Anavar cycle

    After you reach the advanced state, 80mg to 100mg daily for 8 weeks is sufficient.  Trenbolone is a common addition in the advanced phase. This non-aromatizing steroid does not cause any water retention, making it a great combination of muscle cutting.

    You should include Testosterone in the advanced cycle even if at a minimal maintenance dosage of 100 mg/week.

    Other steroids bodybuilders stack with Anavar in advanced phases are:




    Equipoise, and so on.

    Anavar cycle for female

    As a female, you may intake at 10mg/day for 6-8 weeks without any side effects. For the best result, you may split the dosage into 2 doses per day at 5mg/each.

    Anavar and Clenbuterol are satisfactory enough to give you some superb results. In this cycle, keep Clenbuterol to 50mcg/day and opt for 2 weeks on and off pattern.

    Anavar cycle for female 

    Anavar cycle- what can you expect?

    The excellent power of the Anavar cycle lies in retaining the existing muscle tissue and burning fat during the cutting phase. However, probable visible results you can expect during the mid and end of this cycle are:

    1. Notably harder and tighter muscle definition
    2. Gaining lean muscle tissues without water retention
    3. Praiseworthy increase in your strength and performance.
    4. Fat losing without losing your muscle tissues.
    5. Defined and impressive muscle definition.

    Some additional information on Oxandrolone (Bonavar)

    It is a man-made steroid that can give muscle cutting to all bodybuilders. And you can’t deny its capacity when it is about growing your muscle tissue.

    After getting introduced to the market in 1962, oxandrolone came to medicinal use in 1964.

    Anavar is one of those fewest steroids that come with equally beneficial results both on males and females.


    It is better to avoid this steroid in case you are suffering from some specific health issues. Some significant of them are severe kidney issues, during pregnancy, high calcium level in the blood, liver problems, stroke or blood clotting history, and so on.

    Oxandrolone is one of the most potent steroids with a short half-life, which you can use to get a ripped physique shedding extra pounds.

    Anavar does not come with any adverse side effects on the LDL/HDL cholesterol level.

    Bonavar is a superb steroidal substance that comes with comparatively mild side effects. But you need not worry about the results as they are enough for regular gym-goers or bodybuilders.

    What do most bodybuilders think of Anavar?

    As this one is a widely used and common steroid, there is no scarcity of reviews. Different reviews available on different online sites are helpful to give you an insight into this super-effective steroid easily.  Well, as expected, most of the fitness enthusiasts have experienced a positive result from Anavar.

    When it is about the negative reviews, you will find most of them from the beginners or over enthusiast users. People, who have consumed it at an improper dosage, have experienced its negative impacts. This issue becomes more severe due to low test levels. The delayed addition or skipping the testosterone source addition to the cycle leads bodybuilders to such issues.

    Hence, to get the best out of the Anavar cycle, don’t forget to add the required steroids at the right time.  And as said before, to get your desired physique with this superb cutting steroid, consult an expert first.

    Final thoughts

    Worry no more, if you think of placing your orders for this product. Leading and genuine online steroid suppliers remain ready to meet your need. Deal with a reputed steroid supplier without further looking back, if you want to enjoy the efficient doorstep Anavar delivery. So, after knowing about the buying sources you may think of payment methods. Thankfully this work also becomes easier now. Pay with a credit card as per your convenience from anywhere on the earth! And you can be sure about the affordability of the leading steroid suppliers. Don’t wait for anything, give the required time on research, and choose a reliable steroid shop conveniently!


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