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Primobolan is a rare health supplement that you can find in both injectable form and oral steroid form. The injectable form is known as Methenolone-Enanthate and the oral form is known as Methenolone-Acetate. Though this is a mild DHT steroid, yet it doesn’t provide many bulking benefits as its characteristics don’t suit this purpose. You can make the use of it in your bulking cycle but you have to administrate it in larger dosage in order to see any noticeable effects. Most users have reported Primobolan is the best to be used in the cutting cycle. This substance doesn’t contribute in any major way to muscle tissue growth but when it comes to preserving your prevalent muscle tissue, you can consider this supplement as a great choice. Prima – Med, Primobol 100 are some Primobolan products. It doesn’t come with any severe side effects. You can consider buying Primobolan from the online