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    Everything about Prohormones that you want to know

    Acquiring a muscular physique is what each and every sports personality wants to achieve. It’s possible to get this requirement fulfilled by maintaining a healthy diet and getting involved in exercise programs. But, the time that these natural processes take to provide an athlete with their desired physical attributes is quite depressing. And, here the importance of taking supplements comes.

    Prohormones are reported as the most powerful muscle builders. There are some people who are not well aware of the effects and qualities of these substances. And, here we are going to write an article in order to help them in knowing every fact about prohormones. Go through the following passages and acquire information regarding these products.

    What are prohormones?

    Prohormones are substances that get converted to anabolic hormones in the body through an enzymatic process. They provide users with similar effects to anabolic steroids. It will not be your mistake if you would expect these compounds to provide you with muscles within a short span of time. The consumption of these substances helps people not only in gaining muscles but also in gaining strength. Go through the following passages and know about the benefits of the use of prohormones.

    Why do people show interest in using prohormones?

    In today’s world, it’s possible to find numerous sports personalities who are extremely interested in using prohormones. The beneficial effects that the consumption of these substances provides make them this much interested in this matter. Here, the advantages of using these compounds are given in a nutshell.

    1. People can consider consuming these substances for increasing muscle mass.
    2. These substances are effective in decreasing fat mass.
    3. In order to increase the level of endurance, you can consider consuming prohormones.
    4. Bodybuilders make the consumption of these supplements as they decrease recovery time.
    5. In order to gain strength, these products can be consumed.

    So, these are the benefits of prohormones. Not the effectiveness of every prohormone is the same. A variation can be found. In the following passages, a discussion on the effectiveness on the most popular prohormones is made. It will help you to understand which prohormones will be the best to provide you with your required result.

    The best prohormones that will suit your requirement the best

    Here, you will find the names of the most popular prohormones and a discussion on their effectiveness.

    Androtest (Cyclo-4-Androstenediol)

    This substance is considered to be one of the most popular prohormones available on the market. 4-Androstenediol is the base compound of this substance. As this substance is not methylated, it’s not toxic for liver. This substance converts directly to testosterone and can be taken orally. Hence, it can be the best choice for those AAS users who don’t want to handle the hassle of injections.

    The consumption of this substance helps a user to gain strength and muscle rapidly. It provides users with great result and doesn’t cause them to face severe side effects. As it gets converted into testosterone directly, it can cause users to face some estrogen-related side effects. Hence, making the consumption of estrogen blocker with it can be a good idea.

    Decalone (19-Norandrostenediol)

    It’s arguably the best choice for beginners. Due to its ability to provide users with intense anabolic effects and low androgenic effects, it has gained immense popularity among bodybuilders and sports personalities. This prohormone can be the best choice for those who want to gain muscles but unwilling to face any androgenic side effects, such as acne or hair loss. For people who want to gain lean body mass, it can be the best option to make the consumption of this substance. For people who are interested in bulking can consume this substance with other androgenic products.

    This substance can cause users to face the complication of water retention. In order to avoid the side effects associated with the consumption of this substance, consuming it by maintaining proper dosage is important. Users can consume 3 capsules of this substance daily. Advanced users can consider maintaining higher dosages.

    Nano 1T (1-Testosterone)

    It’s also a popular prohormone.  It can be the best choice for users who are interested in getting a lean and dry figure. The main advantage of the use of this substance is that it doesn’t cause users to experience the complications related to water retention. It is a strong supplement. But, it doesn’t provide any negative impact on the liver.

    Further information

    So, everything about prohormones has already been discussed. Everyone who is using or cherishing a desire to use these substances is advised to pay proper attention to the dosage. Also, it’s advised not to share your supplements with others. If you consider consuming any prohormone by maintaining proper dosage, then it’s for sure that you will get all of your desired physical qualities swiftly.


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