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    How long does Dianabol take to promote impressive results?

    You are likely to feel confused and sometimes scared to include steroidal health elements in your fitness regime. When you hear about those potent anabolic steroids, so many questions keep buzzing around, right? If you are in two minds yet willing to take a chance with potent anabolic steroids such as Dianabol, you have come to the right place!

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    What is Dianabol?

    Sometimes known as Dbol or Methandrostenolone, Dianabol is the 1st oral steroid initially used by athletes. This helps in enhancing overall performance while boosting strength.

    Dianabol is an anabolic steroid derived from testosterone and it is 17CAA methylated for oral consumption. Since it was first introduced it has remained a staple for bodybuilders.

    Dianabol basically takes four to six weeks to come up with impressive outcomes. You will be surprised to see the before-and-after results of administering Dianabol.

    Even though many oil-based injectable steroids don’t come up with the results until it is two or three weeks, Dianabol kicks in within 3 or 4 days. By the 3rd week of the cycle, you will end up gaining 5-10 lbs. of weight!

    Many users have gained twenty to ten lbs just within a short time frame of four to six weeks!! Yes, you heard it right. A month is enough to experience the radical difference!

    Users have found to gain four to seven lbs after a single week. So, as you can see, it is a great fitness booster to start with.

    What are the effects? 

    • This oral substance has dual effects (on performance and on muscle building).
    • Accelerates the process of fat-burning.
    • It boosts the stamina and energy of the body.
    • It reduces fatigue especially while doing rigid workouts
    • Boosts physical and athletic performances.
    • Fast results
    • Encourages nitrogen retention and that helps in growing lean muscle mass while reducing excess fat.

    History of Dianabol

    From the very beginning, anabolic steroids have shown some notable effects on muscle growth and physical performance. Since bodybuilding is not an easy deal, the discovery of anabolic steroids has been proved to be really helpful.

    We have several steroids available from the initial. But no other option turned out to be as popular as Dianabol. Maybe it happened because Dianabol was an alternative to agonizing needles.

    Another reason it became so very popular is for its role in the field of weight loss. It poses no harm to the muscles already built.

    Dianabol is a promising health booster that promotes physical strength and performance among both professional and amateur bodybuilders.

    The notable benefits

    • DBOL offers speedier recovery by generating more red blood cells that help in supplying more and more oxygen to the cells in the body.
    • It boosts the glycogenolysis process and nitrogen retention. Faster protein synthesis leads to better nitrogen retention that accelerates muscle growth.
    • Increased glycogenolysis converts carbohydrates into energy rather than into fat.

    Results of Dianabol in the difference of weeks

    You will find the before-after effects of D-Bol absolutely spectacular. It can help users to put on even twenty pounds within just a few weeks!

    You need to make sure that you are doing the right things for maintaining the gained mass. It is even possible that you retain fat and water weight. But DBOL will grow the maximum amount of muscle mass in a compact timeframe.

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    With the help of necessary exercise and a well-maintained diet program, you can retain most of the muscles after the cycle.

    1-week results

    Beginners should start with a low dose. For example – Twenty to ten milligrams per day. Undergoing a one-week cycle will help you gain one point eight kilograms to three kilograms of weight.

    Here, the maximum mass gain would be muscles. You can feel that your body has increased its strength. However, some Dianabol users say that it took them two weeks to experience the power increase.

    2-week results

    After two weeks, users feel more muscular and massive.  A full bloom rise can come up with gaining twelve to eight lbs of weight.

    4-week results

    After 4 weeks, you will get a unique transformation with Dianabol gaining eight to nine kilograms (15-20) lbs of weight. During this time, people often stop taking DBOL since by this time; the side effects tend to show up.

    8-week results

    You can feel a lot heavier after 8 weeks of taking D-Bol. Users can put on thirty-five to twenty-eight lbs of weight! Total weight gain will also depend on the other relevant aspects such as age, diet, training, and the potency of the steroid.

    More about Dianabol Cycle                            

    According to many, Dianabol or Dbol supersedes Testosterone’s popularity as an anabolic steroid. You too can relate to this statement if you have used steroids recreationally or for professional purposes.

    Reasons to choose D-Bol

    • Easy consumption. This is an oral steroid and it will help you avoid those painful injections.
    • Faster results. You mug up insane gains in record time as we have already discussed.
    • Often called ‘Hercules steroid’, it provides you with more stamina to cope with rigid exercises. When you are on Dianabol, you can cruise to 9 reps with 125 lbs. dumbbells. Still, you will feel like you are left with more fuel left in the tank.

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    Stay away from those half-baked facts about Dianabol found on the internet. Instead, consult a fitness expert who can help you decide whether or not this anabolic steroid will be suitable for you.

    What an appropriate Dbol Cycle is like

    Since D-Bol is highly powerful as an anabolic steroid, it is always better to run standalone Dianabol cycles. Here, it is consumed as a base drug. Most of these users end up gaining up to 10—15 lbs. of weight and considerable strength.

    Remember, Dbol will shut down the natural testosterone production rate in your body. In other words, without T in your system, it will be impossible for you to sustain the gains you made during the cycle.

    That’s why you should always pair Dianabol with a Testosterone base. You can even use it as a kick-starter to your steroid cycle. Experts recommend running Dbol at 25mg/day for 8-weeks paired with Testosterone (Any ester) at 350mg/week.

    By the fourth week, the Test kicks-in and you feel stronger and huger than ever! Some users also run Dianabol at 50mg/day for 4-weeks. It helps them make the most of the cycle at the maximum endurable dose.

    The dosage of D-Bol is subjective and it crucially depends on the user’s tolerance to the drug. According to the experts, running it at lower doses for longer time periods is the best.

    However, remember that no one should run Dbol for more than 8-weeks at a time.

    Dbol Risks

    Abusing anabolic steroids can pose various risks to your health. Taking bigger doses of D-Bol for a prolonged period can promote various side effects such as:

    • High Blood Pressure
    • Gynecomastia or man boobs
    • Negative impacts on your Cholesterol level

    Bottom line

    Taking Dianabol can do wonders for your health and can take your Bodybuilding regimen to the next level fast. However, stay away from steroid abuse since it would do more harm than help. Consulting your health experts can help you all the ways to be on the side of safety.


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