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    Is Anavar a good choice for women? – Get the answer here

    All users of Anavar are advised not to share their substance with others. The supplement and the dosage that suit your requirement the best may not be effective to your friend. Also, it’s advised to keep this substance away from the reach of children.

    There are some people who think that steroids are only for men. Don’t know if their little knowledge regarding steroids or the influence of some unauthentic studies has made them cherish this kind of thought. However, their conception regarding steroidal substances is totally wrong. And, Anavar is the supplement a discussion on which will help you to understand how misleading their thought is.

    Anavar is rated as one of the safest anabolic steroids for women. The popularity of it among female fitness enthusiasts, women athletes, and female models is of the paramount level. Now, think, if it were harmful to women, do they show this much interest in consuming this substance? Certainly not!

    Go through the following passages and know why this steroidal compound is considered the safest option for women.

    Why Anavar is rated as the safest steroid for women

    The reason why this supplement has become a favorite among women athletes is its mildness. The anabolic-androgenic ratio of this substance is 45:320, making it one of the mildest steroids of all the steroidal supplements available.

    Now, you may ask, “What would happen if the anabolic-androgenic ratio of this substance were high?” Well, a higher anabolic-androgenic ratio of a steroidal substance means that the supplement is prone to cause users to face virilization.

    Virilization is the symptoms that women face with the consumption of male hormones. These complications are:

    • Body hair growth
    • Male pattern baldness
    • Facial structure changes
    • Deep vocals

    Certainly, no woman wants to face these complications. And, that’s why they show interest in consuming a steroid the anabolic-androgenic ratio of which is low. And, Anavar is the supplement that they consider the best to suit their requirement. Go through the following passages and know about the benefits of using this steroidal substance.

    Benefits that a woman can achieve by using Anavar

    You can certainly expect this steroidal substance to harden your muscles. Female athletes show immense interest in achieving hard muscles. And, that’s why their interest in consuming this steroidal substance is of the paramount level.

    This supplement comes with the quality to increase the level of strength of its users significantly. It is truly great for preserving muscle during caloric deficits. As this substance doesn’t cause users to hold water in their body, it is considered a good option for those women who want to gain a hard look and enhance their levels of physical strength.

    Anavar does not get aromatized, making it one of the safest steroidal supplements. This substance is also less harmful to the liver than other oral supplements.

    Another reason why women show interest in consuming this substance is that it doesn’t cause them to face the hassle of injections. Anavar is available in the form of pills.

    Go through the following passage and know about the dosage of it.

    The dosage of Anavar for women

    Women are advised to consume 5mg – 15mg of Anavar a day. More than 15mg of this substance should not be taken as higher dosages can cause users to face the symptoms of virilization.

    If you don’t have any experience with this steroidal substance, then you are advised to start out with the smallest dosage. It will help you to understand how your body reacts to this substance.

    This supplement can provide users with a swift result. With the consumption of this substance, you will acquire the desired benefit within the shortest possible time. Generally, the cycle of Anavar lasts around 4 to 6 weeks.

    You can find some women taking 20mg of this steroidal compound a day. It’s undoubtedly high and can result in serious side effects.

    The half-life of it is 10 hour. Hence, the dosage of it should be split up. You are advised to take half of the dosage in the morning and the remaining part 9 hours later.

    The cycle of Anavar for women

    It has already been said that the cycles of this steroidal substance for women last around 4 – 6 weeks. There are some women who extend the cycle to 8 weeks.

    If you consume this substance by maintaining proper dosage and cycle, you are less likely to face any adverse side effects. However, if any adverse side effect is experienced, then it’s advised to lower the dosage.

    There must be a gap of 6 weeks between two Anavar cycles.

    Here, the structures of two Anavar cycles for women are given.

    WeekThe amount of Anavar
    1 – 610mg per day
    1 – 820mg per day

    Is PCT required?

    Some users of Anavar believe that the cycle of this substance doesn’t require them to run a PCT as this substance is mild and it’s easy to keep the gains. Yes, these statements are absolutely true. But, the fact is that if you would take this substance for more than three weeks, the testosterone production ability of your body will be reduced. And, it will become necessary to run a PCT for bringing the body to its normal state again.

    Further information

    So, everything about Anavar has already been discussed. Hopefully, this discussion has helped you to understand that not every steroid is harmful to women. And, the benefits of Anavar are certainly making you feel an interest in getting involved in its cycle. If yes, then you are welcome to the world of steroids. If you consider consuming it properly, then it’s for sure that you will get the best out of its consumption.


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