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    Top 3 Most Effective Steroids for Cyclists

    The level of the percentage of doping in cycling has got an immense hike in the last few years. Nearly half the amateur cyclists say that they know someone who has used such power enhancer drugs. Well, a survey indicates that around 30% of the professional riders have admitted about consuming steroids. Many of the rookie riders fail to achieve their desired goal in the track just for the lack of some additional stamina. These power enhancer supplements can easily let to gain that additional stamina even in an extreme trail of cycling.

    In the 1980s’, FDA had banned the commercial use of these supplements in the open market. But still, there is a narrow gateway left open for accessing the world of power boosters through the online purchasing facility. There are many stamina enhancer substances available in the market that can be used for a better cycling. A few years back, in a survey, BBC questioned more than 1000 amateur cyclists who are the member of some clubs or team. And from that survey, most of the cyclists preferred the below-enlisted ones as their desired power enhancer. These are:

    • EPO (Erythropoietin)
    • Cortisone
    • Blood Doping


    EPO is the commercial terminology of the biochemical substance Erythropoietin. This supplement is one of the best steroids for cyclists. It is basically a glycoprotein that is produced by the Kidneys in the human body. It is mainly responsible for the production of red blood cell and these red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your entire body. In the beginning, this supplement was basically stacked Anadrol 50 or Oxymetholone and has become widely popular for the treatment of Amenia.

    Well, in the last few years, this supplement has got some popularity for the doping in cycling. It can increase the level of red blood cells in your body and that will help you to carry more oxygen in the body in the cycling track. This stamina booster substance is also used by the boxers and long-distance runners, and triathlon athletes. Just like any other anabolic supplements, an excessive consumption of EPO may also cause some kind of adverse impacts on your body. It would be better to continue EPO with a limited dosage and for a shorter span of cycle duration. We, therefore, recommend you to consult with your physician before starting an EPO cycle to clarify your dosage and cycle length.

    As for the total dosage, this supplement may act a bit tricky. This supplement is normally been dosed at the range of 50-100 units per kilogram of body weight in a therapeutic setting. Generally, most of the physicians prescribe a normal dosage of three times per week and that can be adjusted based on the hematocrit level of your body accordingly. For a novice rider, the dosage normally starts pretty low, but it will not take much to provide you with a massive result. Most of the riders prefer to start with 10 units per kilogram of body mass and in some cases, the novice riders prefer to begin with as low as 5 units of this supplement of per kilogram of body weight. In case of an injectable option of this supplement, a two weeks cycle for 3 injections a week is sufficient enough. This dosage will let you keep your RBC count increased for around three months on an average; possibly longer.


    As per the survey, Cortisone is one of the most highly demanding steroids of cyclists. It is basically an oral tablet that is only available as a generic drug. It does not have any typical brand name. You will never find any other consuming option of this supplement except oral pills. It was first introduced to heal various medical problems including adrenocortical insufficiency, arthritis, allergies, and ulcerative colitis and such other medical issues. But in the recent years, this supplement has got immense popularity in the field of forbidden power enhancers.

    In the field of doping in cycling, this medical supplement is widely popular for reducing the effects of inflammation of fatigue. It can also be used as a replacement therapy for certain hormones. It helps the riders to put some additional effort in an extreme track that may get obstructed due to the inflammation and fatigue. Well, before consuming this drug, please consult with an expert physician to be sure about your daily dosage. Normally, the physicians prescribe a daily dosage of 25-300 mg per day. If you are a novice consumer, you should never consider taking more than 25-50 mg a day. The experienced consumers (who have taken this supplement earlier) may consume a higher dosage in a day. Well, in that case, he must have to minimize the cycle length of this power booster substance. Any higher dosage of this supplement will cause severe adverse impacts on your body. Before making a final call please consult with your doctor about the daily dosage and the cycle length of your Cortisone cycle. While going through this cycle, please check your blood pressure level, blood sugar level (if you have a diabetes issue), and potassium level to avoid any kind of unwanted impact on your health. Besides, if you have any infection, high blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes, glaucoma, eye problems, liver issues, kidney problems, seizures, or mood disorders please consult your doctor and know whether you can consume this supplement or not.


    Blood Doping is also a quite popular method for doping in cycling that allows the riders to improve their performance capability by artificially boosting up the blood’s ability to circulate more oxygen to your muscles. In many cases, blood doping can increase the amount of hemoglobin in the bloodstream and this hemoglobin acts as an oxygen-carrier in your body. Thus the increasing rate of hemoglobin allows carrying additional oxygen to the rider’s muscle and that helps to boost up the stamina and performing capability in a cycling trail, or long-distance running trail.

    There are several forms of blood doping used by the riders including blood transfusion, injection of erythropoietin (EPO), injection of synthetic oxygen carriers, and many other forms. In case of a blood transfusion process, the riders can go through an autologous transfusion system or a homologous transfusion system. Autologous transfusion involves a transfusion of the rider’s own blood that is drawn and then stored for future use while in case of homologous transfusion the athletes use the blood of someone else with the same blood group.

    In an EPO injection process, the external erythropoietin stimulated the body to produce more hemoglobin and carry more oxygen in the muscle of the riders. Synthetic oxygen carriers like HBOCs (hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers) and PFCs (perfluorocarbons) are the chemical substances that have the ability to carry more oxygen.


    Well, since the 1980’s any kind of commercial use of these supplements had been banned by FDA. But in the recent digital era, you can still avail these forbidden medical supplements at your doorstep with the online purchasing facility. Never buy these steroids for cyclists from the roadside vendors.

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