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    Use Dianabol to Experience Rapid Muscle Gain

    Dianabol is basically the brand name of the chemical compound Methandrostenolone. It is one of the most widely popular anabolic substances and is commonly known as Dbol or Diana worldwide. The researchers first invented this supplement in the year 1955 to cure several critical medical problems. Later the muscle building capability of this supplement got exposed and since then this supplement started its journey as a remedy for quick muscle build up. This substance indeed got viral and popular overnight.

    This anabolic substance is a controlled one. Since the 1980s’, the commercial use of this supplement had been banned by FDA. But still, there is a narrow gateway left open providing an access to reach this forbidden supplement.  This substance is widely used by the bodybuilders and athletes of different shapes and sizes. It is a classic all-rounder for those who are looking for improvement on certain aspects of their physique and athletic performance. This anabolic supplement is basically a synthetic version of testosterone. Dianabol got immense popularity once after numerous celebrities like Brock Lesnar, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger started consuming this rapid muscle build up steroid.

    It is a highly potent anabolic substance that helps you to rapidly gain muscle, lose fat and increase strength permanently. Though this bulking substance is available in an injectable format, this anabolic supplement is much used as an oral steroid and you can find this supplement in the form of 5 mg, 10mg, and 50 mg tablets. It is much cheaper than any other anabolic supplement and most of the athletes and bodybuilders prefer to have this steroid during their bulking cycle.


    Whenever you are thinking about how to take this anabolic supplement, you have to first decide in which form you want to take this steroid. You can find both the oral steroid and the injectable supplement, but the oral tablets have a lower rate of bio-availability. This bulking supplement has a shorter half-life and to maintain a better blood circulation, the users are recommended to break their daily dosage over the course of the day. Breaking the dosage of this bulking supplement will help you to nullify the possibility of stomach upset and you can easily split the daily dose due to the availability of different dosage of tablets.

    Many bodybuilders prefer to consume their full Dianabol daily dosage before their workout session. The experienced users claim that this anabolic supplement helps them to have the benefit of greater drug uptake, and better performance in the gym as it offers a better blood concentration during their workout session. Though this anabolic supplement has a better outcome, this process may cause many adverse effects on the human liver. Many anabolic supplement users prefer to consume it in this pre-workout stamina enhancer process, but it would be better to split the daily dosage.


    Before starting a cycle with this anabolic supplement, you must know about the benefits of Dianabol. Well, the users can sweat more in an intense workout session without experiencing that much fatigue and this stamina enhancer supplement offers you a faster recovery time that helps you to continue your workout session more frequently. Besides, this endurance enhancer substance amazingly elevates your strength, improves your metabolic activity without taking any tension of having excessive fat. You can also experience a faster process of fat loss and nitrogen retention in your body with this endurance enhancer supplement.


    Most of the physicians generally prescribe a Dianabol dosage of 30-50 mg a day with a cycle duration of 4-6 weeks on an average. Anything between 30-40 mg per day will be an effective dose for a person who is consuming this anabolic steroid for the first time and that will definitely provide you with a greater muscle gain and will also offer you amazing muscle strength. Well, the experienced consumers may consider taking around 70-80 mg a day of this anabolic bulking supplement and in that case, the user must reduce the cycle length of this supplement. But any dosage above 50mg a day will definitely affect your body adversely.

    Experience Level

    Daily Dosage



    30-40 mg

    4-6 weeks


    40-70 mg

    4-5 weeks


    70-80 mg

    3-4 weeks

    ** Any dosage above 50 mg a day is harmful to human health.


    Being an anabolic steroid, there is a wide range of supplements available to stack with Dianabol. Most of the experienced users prefer to stack Testosterone Enanthate and Deca Durabolin with this supplement with a high-calorie diet chart and an intense workout session. But if you are a novice steroid consumer, it is recommended to start off with this bulking supplement alone for the first cycle.


    Whenever you are taking a steroid, it doesn’t matter whether you are going through a mild supplement or a highly powerful anabolic supplement; a proper post cycle therapy is always required. It is basically a process that will help you to minimize the side effects of this supplement. As this endurance enhancer supplement is a synthetic testosterone, it blocks the natural production of testosterone in the human body. A proper post cycle therapy will help you to regain the natural hormonal secretion process in your body. Most of the physicians recommend a PCT of SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) and HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropins). Well, some other people also prefer to use Nolvadex and Clomid in their post cycle therapy. Please visit your doctor and get a complete health review before starting your post cycle therapy.


    Any kind of excessive consumption of this anabolic supplement will definitely cause some adverse effects including water retention, puffiness of the face, male breast or gynecomastia, abnormal aggression, abnormal hair growth in unexpected areas of body, high blood pressure, severe acne issues, baldness, increasing rate of bad cholesterol, heart problem, severe liver damage and such other medical problems. In order to minimize the side effects of this endurance enhancer supplement, doctors prescribe to take 1-2 gallons of water every day and that helps the human body to get rid any unwanted toxins. You can easily nullify these side effects by having a well-designed cycle of this anabolic steroid.


    Is Dianabol legal? – It is a pretty common question that comes to the mind of almost all the novice steroid users and the answer is short and simple ‘NO’. In the 1980s’, FDA had banned the commercial use of numerous power enhancer supplements including this one considering some adverse effects of these endurance enhancer substances.


    As it is a controlled steroid, you will not find this anabolic supplement in a physical store. It is recommended to avoid buying supplement from the street-side vendors. You can opt real Dianabol steroids for sale through the online buying facility at reasonable price of anabolic supplements.


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